Custom Design

is more than Handmade Jewellery. These are your ideas as individual as yourself to create a piece of jewellery that a loved one or yourself will treasure forever A gift, a unique engagement ring or wedding bands. Maybe it’s time to dig through your jewellery box. Have those sentimental pieces redesigned into a piece that you never want to take off and always want to show off. It is my passion to enable you to express yourself.

It starts with a email


It was important that most of the material used on my letter box was second hand and had a story attached about its history. It was also important to have a function and look rustic. I was impressed with the workmanship and feel very pleased to have such a unique piece. I think the artist has a bright future and has a great deal of practical talent and vision for creative pieces.

Emma Bentley

The artist is so creative, honest, talented and just such a lovely person. I have left many of my sentimental pieces with him and have absolutely no problems in his integrity and honesty. Hayden is a perfectionist. All of his work is so professional and it's obvious how much care is taken. Haydn was eager to do what I had asked, but also gave welcome advice where needed.

Vivienne Carrick